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MarFree! Urethane Die Film

MarFree! Urethane Die Film or press brake die film as it is often referred to, is the leading product of this type since its introduction into the market approximately 20 years ago. It is the leading product both in terms of sales and product quality.

MarFree Die FilmUrethane die film is one of those, although simple in concept and relatively inexpensive is great labor saver. It is economical, durable and convenient. It prevents marking material being formed in a press brake operation. This is critically important when forming bends which will be evident in the finished product. Press brake die film will eliminate witness marks when forming stainless steel, aluminum and prepainted materials. It eliminates costly and labor-intensive second operations which would otherwise require buffing or similar process.

The life of press brake urethane can be as variable as the life of a twist drill or saw blade. In forming there are variables some which can be controlled while others cannot. The condition of the vee die is very important. If the V die has any marks or inconsistencies, it will reduce the life of the urethane die film. This is an area that can be controlled by the user. Forming heavy gauge stainless or aircraft grade aluminum or any exotic material which requires heavy tonnage to form, will reduce the life of the urethane die film even if the heaviest gauge die film is used.

Press brake urethane die film is generally available in three different thicknesses. The most common thicknesses are 15 mil and 30 mil. 15 mil is generally recommended for forming light gauge material. Whereas 30 mil is the preferred thickness for heavier gauge, but is also considered to be general purpose. 22 mil which is only available in MarFree! Blue is an advanced product which can replace both 15 mil &30 mil.

MarFree! Blue is a high-tech urethane die film which is designed and manufactured to offer a life of 2 to 3 times that of standard MarFree!. It is a skived product which has a very smooth surface and a Shore of 93. Although, priced higher than the standard MarFree!, will in fact reduce the overall material cost.

MarFree! Blue is available in 4”,6” & 12” widths. Standard MarFree! Is available in 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 12” & 36” widths.

In 22 years Press Brake Tool & Supply has NEVER had even 1 roll of press brake die film returned due to performance issues.