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Press Brake Urethane Die Film (A little History)

For as long as sheet metal has been formed using vee type dies, there has been a problem with the abrasion of the materials as they are moved into the forming die. Likely in the majority of cases this is not a problem. However if the material being formed must retain its cosmetic integrity a problem arises. This is often the case when forming stainless steel or aluminum where the outside of the band will be visible. This also might be the case with pre-painted materials. This has been dealt with in many different ways over the years. In some cases rollers have been used however unless there is a high volume of parts being formed, this is an expensive addition to a simple the die. Another option is grinding the edges material will drag over however, this is once again costly.

In the mid-1980s an entrepreneur began using thin sheets of urethane or polyurethane film as a buffer between the material being formed and the die. Urethane and its related products have characteristics which makes it an ideal barrier between the material being formed and the forming die. Urethane can be compressed to just a few thousandths of an inch and once the pressure is removed will bounce back to its original shape. It can be done many times over before its structure begins to weaken. “Thus we have press brake urethane die film”