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Urethane Die Film

Press Brake Die FilmMarFree! Urethane Die Film - the industry standard to help prevent marking on wide array of materials including stainless, aluminum & pre-painted sheet by providing a flexible barrier between the material being formed and the forming die. Simply lay the film over the bottom die, secure it, place the sheet to be formed in it's location and you are ready to form your part.

MarFree Urethane Die Film, manufactured in the USA by a leading urethane fabricator has become the industry standard through continuing research thereby providing the finest products at the most reasonable cost per bend.

       NEW !!!!  MarFree Blue Die Film

Blue Die Film


The latest product is the finest in the industry, MarFree! Blue a unique skived urethane having superior wear characteristics. Users report 3-10 times the life over previously used urethane film.

If you are using Tan Die Cover Film  it's time to try  Blue MarFree! urethane die fillm  MarFree!
Blue Urethane Die Film